8 Steps to apply nail polish to be beautiful and smooth

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For girls, having beautiful and smooth nail polish like doing it at the salon. It is one of the things that I want to be something that can be easily followed. because in addition to helping in terms of reducing costs also helps girls Save time on traveling to do nails at the salon as well. Today, we include 8 steps to apply nail polish to be beautiful and smooth like doing it at the shop. Let’s share it for you to follow.

1. Clean nails,

first for the girls. Clean your nails according to the steps first. Start by removing the original nail polish by pouring nail polish remover onto a cotton ball. Then apply it on the nail and leave it for about 5 seconds before wiping it off. which is an area with a lot of cuticle, will help the nails have a beautiful shape Nail growth will also be good. Then soak the nails in clean water for about 10 minutes to be able to scrape the cuticle easily enough.

2. Scrape off the white pulp.

Getting rid of the cuticle or scraping off the white pulp can be done by wiping the nails wet from soaking water. Then continue using the cuticle pusher to scrape off the white pulp. This method will help the nail paint to stick well. But be careful not to scrape the skin too much. This may cause the skin at the base of the nail to open. will result in bacteria easily entering and can cause the nail to become infected

3. File nails

. Filing nails will help shape nails, which girls can file their nails beautifully by looking at their own nail base. This will help the nails that have been filed come out more beautiful. But don’t file your nails too hard. because it can tear the nail However, when filing the middle nail Should file in the same direction. This helps prevent the nails from tearing, and the use of a nail buffer is equally important. Because it keeps the nails from being sharp and has no rough spots. For using the nail buffer, it is recommended to rub it on the nails. to make the surface of the nails smoother and more shiny

4. Remove dust and excess oil on the nails.

For removing dust and excess oil on the nails, it is recommended that women use nail polish remover to wipe down the nail area. It will help keep the nails clean and also make the nail paint stick well as well.

5. Apply base coat.

The base coat must be applied before painting the nails. to prevent the nail polish from absorbing into the nails And to prevent yellow nails itself. In terms of choosing a base coat, you must choose the type that is not too sticky because it will be difficult to apply.

6. Paint the nails.

After applying the base coat, continue with the nail paint. By before painting nails for girls Turn the nail polish bottle back and forth with both hands instead of shaking. to prevent air bubbles from forming Then remove the nail brush from the bottle. By labeling one side out so that only the other side of the color is left. Then paint your nails 2 times to make the pigment more dense and smoother. Which will have to wait for the first round of application to dry first for girls who paint their nails and get messy Apply Vaseline to the skin around the nails first, this will help to wipe off the paint easily.

7. Apply top coat

after the nail polish has dried. Continue by applying the top coat to create a smooth beauty for the nails. You have to drag the brush lightly when applying the top coat, because if you press hard on the brush, the nail will become smoother. This will destroy the already applied nail polish. In addition, the top coat should be chosen that dries quickly.

8. Apply cuticle oil.

The last step is to apply cuticle oil around the nails. This method will help to soften the nail surface of girls. Because of the nail polish in each step. causing the skin to be expose to a lot of chemicals There is a chance that the skin in that area will dry out. Applying cuticle oil will help prevent dry skin. In addition, girls You can also use coconut oil instead of cuticle oil. ufabet https://ufabet999.com/

How are you after knowing 8 steps to apply nail polish to be beautiful and smooth like doing at the salon? It can be seen that each step can be easily followed. It may just require some composure. Anyway, ask the girls Have fun painting your nails by yourself.