Depay discusses Barca to find a way out before joining Juve.

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Memphis Depay is still in discussions with Barcelona over future solutions. As reported last Thursday. The 28-year-old attacking line has been linked with continuous transfers in the past. The report revealed that Barca did not close the opportunity to part with the Dutch national team striker. In which the situation appeared in a flash.

Recently, Fabrizio Romano has indicated that. Depay is looking to find a solution by terminating his contract with Azul Grana. With Juve waiting to see the situation closely UFABET .

The Italian media continue to report that Depay had discussions with Zebra about a two-year contract at various stages. It can be done immediately if the player cancels the Barcelona contract successfully.

Despite reports that the Turkish club had a strong interest in Depay, Romano said the player was not in talks with clubs in the league. Including Tottenham Hotspur, who had previously link this.

Juventus have made it clear they want the Netherlands striker, with Depay, who can play as both a center forward and a left wing, to add to their attacking options. And most recently, it was reported that they were negotiating with the player’s agent. to find a conclusion to move the team which must be a free transfer of the team only While the players are negotiating with Barcelona. Regarding the termination of the contract, which will expire in about 10 months