Raheem Sterling opens up on reason to leave Manchester City.

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New Chelsea winger Raheem Sterling has revealed. That frequent departures from the reserve led to his decision to leave Manchester City in the summer.

Raheem Sterling has been at Manchester City since 2015, joining from Liverpool before deciding to leave the club this summer to join Chelsea. After a frequent departure from the starting XI last season UFABET.

The England winger opened up that “To lose his place in the Manchester City team is a big surprise. really surprise The change happened instantly. It’s something I have to deal with. And that’s why I’m here (Chelsea), me, the manager and the people at Man City all know why.

“I try to play my own football. and overcome the situation. But it’s not like that. I need to keep going.”

“Since I was 17, I’ve always been a starter. And getting into the peak of my career without playing regularly is something I cannot accept.”

News reports say “Lions Navy Blue” reached an agreement with Manchester City on the weekend. With a value of 47.5 million pounds. He signed a five-year contract with Chelsea with the option to extend for an additional 12 months after this, Sterling left for the United States. To go to the camp to keep the pre-season with new teammates.