Summary of last night’s football results, Premier League scoreboard: Liverpool

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Summary of last night’s football results, Premier League scoreboard: Liverpool collapsed, Manchester City Spurs won.

Summary of last night’s football results with match highlights. Week 22, English Premier League, season 2023/24

English Premier League battle  Last night there were 3 matches played, which were games between Manchester City meeting Burnley, Tottenham
Hotspur meeting Brentford and the late match highlight. During Liverpool’s home game against Chelsea. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท

Manchester City 3-1 Burnley

(Alvarez 16, 22 Rodri 46 / Al Dakhli 90+3)

In the game at the Etihad Stadium, the home team almost exclusively controlled the ball. As for the visiting team, they retreated to defense and waited for a chance to counter, with Manchester City taking the lead quickly with two goals from Julian Alvarez. Who scored two goals in the 16th and 22nd minutes, then Rodri came to score more. Let the home team lose the lead early in the second half. Until the end of the game, the visiting team came back with a goal from Ameen Al Dakhli in injury time, causing the game to end 90 minutes with a score of 3-1.

Tottenham Hotspur 3-2 Brentford

(Udoghi 48, Johnson 49, Richarlison 56 / Maupe 15, Toney 67)

The game at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium was the away team that took the lead from Neil Maupe in the 15th minute, but in the second half the home team scored three goals in a row from Destiny Udoghi in the 48th minute. Nane Johnson in the 49th minute and Richarlison in the 56th minute. Soon after, the visitors chased to 3-2 from Ivan Toney in the 67th minute, but not in time to send the Golden Spurs to grab 3 points in Narrowly made it home.

Liverpool 4-1 Chelsea

(Jota 23, Bradley 39, Soboszlai 65, Diaz 79 / Nkunku 71)

Finally, at Anfield, the home team took the lead by two goals in the first half from Iogo Jota in the 23rd minute and Corner Bradley in the 39th minute. At the end of the half, Liverpool received a penalty, but Darwin Nunné So missed the kill, but then 45 minutes later, Dominic Szoboszlai came to score and put the home team ahead 3-0, but a few minutes later, Christoph Nkunku came to shoot and break the eggs for the team. The away team made it 3-1, finally, Luis Diaz came to score in the 79th minute, sending the Reds home to defeat the Blues 4-1.