8 signs of “liver cancer” that we need to look out for ourselves

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In Thailand, up to 14,000 people per year die from liver cancer. The rate of liver cancer per 100,000 population is ranked 8th in the world. What’s worse than that? Liver cancer patients still have only a 13% chance of surviving from liver cancer. This means that liver cancer patients have a chance of dying up to 87%. Therefore, it is not surprising that liver cancer is the leading cause of death from Cancer is number

Liver cancer is caused by what?

  • Most common causes of cancer Comes from behavior in living life Drinking and eating our own food, whether it is
  • Drink a lot of alcohol http://ufabet999.com
  • Eating undercooked food is at risk for fluke.
  • Eat foods that may contain saltpeter, such as fermented fish, som fish, fermented pork, sausage, Chinese sausage, salted meat.
  • Infection with hepatitis B and C, especially those who have this disease and refuse to seek treatment. until the is chronically infected Hepatitis for a long time
  • Long-term exposure to the toxic substance “Aflatoxin” (found in poorly stored beans and other dry food)
  • Exposure to certain chemicals for a long time, such as exposure to testosterone for a long time
  • Are a patient with type 2 diabetes or are overweight/obese

Dangerous signs of liver cancer

The reasons why liver cancer is dangerous And it’s scarier than we thought. Because in the early stages Will not show any symptoms yet. Until you start having severe symptoms which you can observe yourself as follows

  1. Abdominal pain in the upper right abdomen
  2. My stomach is swollen.
  3. Unexplained weight loss
  4. Loss of appetite
  5. tired
  6. Have a fever for no apparent reason
  7. A lump was found in the liver area. (Upper right abdomen)
  8. Yellow body and eyes

What factors help to cause ‘liver cancer’?

There are many additional factors that cause cancer. Initially, it comes from cirrhosis of the for various reasons. Common factors include infection with hepatitis B, C, and cirrhosis from drinking alcohol. In addition, cirrhosis may also result from fat deposits in the , a condition in which metals accumulate in the such as copper and iron, a condition in which the immune system opposes the itself, and eating food contaminated with aflatoxin. From fungi found in dry food such as peanuts or ground dried chilies, diabetes and exposure to pesticides into the body. All of these factors are causes that make it easier for cancer to develop.