Zahavi hopes to kiss Bayern Munich for future collaborations.

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Penny Zahavi expects a good relationship with Bayern Munich to continue working together in the football future. After many conflicts from previous issues.

Super agent Pini Zahawi expects him to have a good and friendly relationship in the future with Bayern Munich. After a heroic act that cost the Underdogs two key players, David. Alaba and Robert Lewandowski in the last two years. According to SportsBild on Thursday. 

Zahavi was dubbed by former Bayern Munich chairman Uli Hoeness as a ‘piranha’ for demanding benefits for a player in his custody, Alaba. Moved to football with Real Madrid for free in the summer of last year. He was also briefly represented at Kingsley Coman before parting ways following a failure to push the player to England. UFABET

Recently, Zahavi has also put pressure on the famous Bavarian team to allow Lewandowski to move to Barcelona according to the wishes of the players. Even though he has caused the club to lose benefits in many cases. But hope to return to have a good relationship with the Southern Tiger team to work together in the future.

‘I hope Bayern and I have a good and friendly relationship in the future. I hope I can bring players for them as well. It’s not just pulling players away from them,’ Zahave said.

Zahavi is also a replacement for RB Leipzig’s France forward Christopher Ngunku, who has been among the targets for Bayern Munich’s future, making the Bayern Munich team inevitable. The agent they used to call ‘Piranha’ if they wanted to draw a French striker into the army.